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We fundamentally believe that all decisions of consequence should be subject to a computer simulation.

We are currently hiring for the three positions below.



HTML5, CSS3, D3.js, data visualisation and web animation



Drive to work on deep fundamental technology for a world class simulation platform



Ability to visualise complex data/processes in a simple and intuitive way

Back-end Developer:

Brand_Factor = Values ranging from (0.1 -> 2.9)

(run for 15 years, in 1 year increments)
Age = Age + 1
If (Auto_Renew) {
    // Do nothing, maintain Breed
} else {
    double rand = Math.random() * 3;
    Affinity = Payment_at_Purchase/Attribute_Price + (rand * Attribute_Promotions * Inertia_for_Switch)
    If (Breed == Breed_C && Affinity < (Social_Grade * Attribute_Brand))
        Switch Breed to Breed_NC
    Else if (Breed == Breed_NC && Affinity < (Social_Grade * Attribute_Brand * Brand_Factor))
        Switch Breed to Breed_C

(For every year, and final)
Breed_C Agents
Breed_NC Agents
Breed_C Lost (Switched to Breed_NC)
Breed_C Gained (Switch from Breed_NC)
Breed_C Regained (Switched to NC, then back to C)

Given the below CSV file (Download source files) you will load that data into a program, and run the code on that data following the logic to the left.

Feel free to use any framework or language you like. Please however provide instructions on how to setup and run your project so that we can test it quickly. The test should be posted to a public repo w/ the instructions.

The test itself can be done within 15-60 minutes; however, feel free take your time to get creative. What we are looking for are submissions with either a good understanding of program setup, how well you work with the data & logic, usefulness of output/vis, good documented code & instructions, and how robust and extendable your code is. Approach like a Platform Developer!

Your solution shouldn’t be doing all parts above perfectly, and in fact it’s better in the time frame to focus on one aspect to show off your skillsets. Following the test there will be a code review asking why you made the choices/tradeoffs you did, and what you think the next steps would be.

Good Luck!
Front-end Developer:

Given the below ZIP file (Download source files) containing JQuery, a Javascript file that parses the test.json object (feel free to rearrange the data for your usage), and a simple index.html page.

You will create a UX/UI that displays the data in a responsive UI dashboard. It should contain options to view data in multiple formats, and you are open to use any library or method for this. We use Collie.js and D3.js for animation and charting, but we ask that you use whatever you are more comfortable with as this is more a test of skills in taking a set of data and turning that into a user experience someone can use.

What we are looking for is something that can take this data and create something a CEO, or a large company would use to understand this data.

While submissions can include many types of effects, tooltips, or other interactivity – our main focus is something that is well developed and takes into account how the dashboard would adapt to changes for additional inputs, outputs, and aspects desired in a professional UI.

Good Luck!
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